Professional Property Maintenance


Van Engelenburg - Villas & More - make sure to meet your maintenance needs. Whether you've just got a leaky tap or need full-scale refurbishment we can help - no job is too big or small.


At Van Engelenburg - Villas & More - we provide a wide range of different services aimed to make properties more habitable and appealing. In many cases we are able to increase their value and make them easier to rent or sell. We frequently take on projects and contracts, and have plenty of repeat customers who rely on us for regular maintenance work across a range of properties. Contact us today for competitive pricing on maintenance tailored specifically to your needs.


We also offer a highly regarded call out service to quickly and efficiently fix small problems within your home or business at very reasonable prices.

Services we offer include - but aren't limited to - plumbing and drainage, painting and decorating, property maintenance, roofing, carpentry and general refurbishment work. 


About the Property Maintenance Team


The Van Engelenburg - Villas & More -team is made of friendly professionals experienced in a number of different fields including plumbing, decorating, carpentry and many more.  Our dedicated team works with a number of respected property companies and property owners  to improve the quality of their houses, flats and real-estate In the event that other businesses need to be involved, for example your gas or water company, we are available to handle communications and any joint work required to ensure your issue gets resolved with minimal hassle for you.


Our Core Principles


Honesty -

We are available to contact via phone and email, and always keep communication open with our clients. We don't turn up late or forget to call in advance, and we are always honest with pricing and time estimations.


Value for Money -

Working with Van Engelenburg - Villas & More - means no hidden costs right from the start. We offer free no-obligation quotes and work within your budget.


Efficiency and Reliability -

We don't waste your time by failing to turn up. Our reputation is built on having a team of dependable workers who don't stretch projects out unnecessarily or make excuses.


The services we offer include:


Property Maintenance

Van Engelenburg - Villas & More - offers a wide range of general services to keep your home or business in excellent condition. In addition to fixes, repairs and revitalisation, we are also happy to carry out an assessment on your property as well as advise you on the best course of action where required.


Painting and Decorating

Our decorators offer all standard painting and decorating services including tiling, wallpapering, repainting and plastering. We are also happy to take on custom work to help you make your property stand out from the crowd.



Skilful carpentry work can easily add measurable value to your home or business by creating a professional finish. Van Engelenburg - Villas & More - carpentry services including fitting doors, floors, skirting boards, fencing, decking, joists, fascias, staircases and more.

We also have comprehensive repair services that are a very affordable way to make a lasting difference to your property. 


Plumbing and Drainage

Our specialist plumbers can fix stubborn blocks and serious leaks quickly and efficiently. Whether you have a problem with your kitchen sink or outside guttering, we can help. Our plumbing and drainage experts are all accredited by recognised bodies and employ specialist equipment and procedures.



Van Engelenburg - Villas & More - carry out thorough roofing assessments, essential for older properties and those with slow leaks. Our team can advise on roof care and also make repairs to your roof, chimney and guttering.




Our refurbishment and repair solutions cover everything from decorating to plumbing, and are an increasingly popular way to refresh your property's look and feel. At Van Engelenburg - Villas & More - we refurbish properties to very high standards and work within your budget and timeframe.